6.3.2 for Windows
Anydesk free download for windows that offers file transfer, remote control, and VPN functionality
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6.3.2 for Windows
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AnyDesk – meet the fastest remote desktop control solution.

AnyDesk is a new remote desktop client characterized by a good smoothness and quality of the transmitted image, enabling remote work on a computer to which we do not have physical access. We can connect to it via the Internet or a local network.

AnyDesk allows you to easily and quickly gain remote control over your computer. No installation is required. The program uses DeskRT (Real-Time Discrete Simulation Kernel) technology. It integrates strongly with the operating system to efficiently and quickly record graphic material for sharing. Software designers paid attention to ensuring that large amounts of repeated data are not copied and transferred multiple times. The application also owes its efficiency and speed to properly designed processing algorithms.


  1. The program must be run on both computers that are to be connected. AnyDesk’s address is our computer number. By giving it to another person, we can allow them to take remote control of our device. If we want to take control of another computer, enter the AnyDesk address of this device in the text field labeled Other workstation, and then click Connect.
  2. The person who takes control displays a message about establishing a connection and waiting for the other party’s approval.

The window asking for approval is visible in the application on the device over which the control is to be taken. Additionally, in this window, you can define the scope of the connection (sound sharing, the possibility of using the mouse and keyboard, and the clipboard).

  1. When the connection is established with the default parameters, the device with the shared desktop can be operated both remotely and locally.
  2. To end the connection, click on Finish.

However, we can quickly restore them from the window level displayed immediately after finishing displaying the remote desktop.

Fast connection

If we have already established a connection with a computer and operated it remotely, its number will be visible in the list of last sessions we have had – visible in the lower section of the program window. By expanding the item menu, we can use the Connect button to take over remote control over the device’s desktop quickly.

However, there is a faster way to establish a connection. By selecting the Place on the desktop option, we create a shortcut to connect in an icon. When we click on this icon – without having to first turn on the application – we will initiate a connection attempt, which starts immediately after confirmation on the other device.