Avast Free Antivirus

21.6.6446 for Windows
The best antivirus out there that scans all our devices for outdated apps, malware, virus, and internet vulnerabilities.
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21.6.6446 for Windows
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Getting your lovely PC attacked by different viruses and malware is the worst ever feeling. Your computer gets slow, all the files are at risk of getting in the hands of the cyber-terrorist or may get corrupted. To avoid these hard times, every PC should have a good antivirus installed such as Avast.

Avast starts its scan as soon as it is downloaded into your pc. It scans for outdated apps, malware, virus, internet threats, and many more things and presents you with a list of all the possible threats. You can fix some things with Avast but to deal with all the things, you will have to buy Avast premium.

The interface of Avast antivirus is very user-friendly and cuts straight to the chase by letting you scan for viruses. Avast protects your PC from all angles. Avast had many different features that it uses to protect your PC. The first and default one is the virus scan. It scans your whole PC for viruses and malware but you can choose other options like limiting the scan to a certain folder or drive.

Avast has 4 major shields that it uses to protect your PC. One is for web activities such as malicious sites, one for all the files on your PC, one to check your system, and one to check emails for virus-filled attachments. Avast takes all the viruses and malware found on your PC and takes them to the virus chest where they get eliminated.

Avast also has some premium features like having its own firewall just like the windows firewall but some users consider Avast’s firewall to be better.