20.1.3112 for Windows
AVG Antivirus is a powerful and reliable antivirus that keeps your device protected from various threats that can harm your device and steal data.
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20.1.3112 for Windows
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Most good antiviruses that provide excellent protection for all threats cost a fortune but AVG Antivirus is free of cost and provides very good protection for most threats like viruses, data leakage, cyber-terrorist, malware, and online scams. AVG Antivirus provides excellent protection to all your devices including android, mac, and Windows devices. AVG Antivirus security has been tested for many years and is still said to be a very good free antivirus with all features.

AVG Antivirus is very easy to use and has a very straightforward interface that beginners have no problem understanding. AVG Antivirus had 6 very strong scans. The deep scan takes a long but it searches thoroughly through your device and takes care of all malware. There is also a quick scan and a computer scan which don’t take much longer but are still very reliable at finding viruses. There is also a USB/DVD scan that lets you your removable storage devices. There are even scans designed to scan specific hard drives or folders and even a scan to check for performance issues.

When you first download the program, it will run a thorough scan to check all the files on your device and will pop up with a list of all the issues on your device. Here, you can choose to ignore them or deal with them manually or automatically. This program’s warnings are very specific as well showing you all the details. From there, you can choose to handle them. It will block harmful links, fake websites, spam, and online viruses and tell you about them in detail. AVG Antivirus is also a very good cleaner. It shows you all the junk files on your device and helps to speed up your device.