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Download Bibi Drawing APK Mod game (Premium Version) for Android. The latest version is a free download game of the Bibi Drawing.Bibi.Pet presents a new collection of 72 fun and educational Puzzles and Drawings to Color.
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Bibi.Pet - Toddlers Games - Colors and Shapes
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About Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game APK

Welcome to our detailed guide on kid-friendly games, It is also designed to boost learning and development. In this digital age, the options for children’s entertainment are vast, but it’s crucial to choose games that contribute positively to their growth.

Bibi. Pet presents a new collection of 72 fun and educational Puzzles and Drawings to Color.

There are two new types of games besides the classic Puzzles and Colors: The Color Pixel and the Puzzle Tangram, with lots of animals to discover. 6 different ways to play and 72 activities to further stimulate children’s curiosity and desire to learn. With drawings to color in, children can express their creativity and develop their artistic abilities.

Benefits of  Educational Games for Kids

Gaming, when practiced in moderation, can be beneficial for children in multiple ways. Let’s dive into some of the ways games can contribute to a child’s overall well-being:

  • Improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Enhancing problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking
  • Boosting memory and cognitive skills
  • Promoting social skills through cooperative play and teamwork
  • Encouraging creativity and imagination

Using the puzzles and stickers, children can improve their skills associated with logic, coordination, and control of even the smallest manual movements (fine motor skills). And as always, Bibi.The pet will accompany you as you discover all the educational activities available. Suitable for ages 2 to 5 and designed together with experts from the educational field.

Types of Kid-Friendly Educational Games

Kid-friendly games come in various formats and styles, each offering unique benefits and experiences.

Educational Games: Designed to teach children about specific subjects such as math, science, or languages.

The funny little animals that live there have particular shapes and speak their own special language: the Bibi’s language, which only children can understand. Bibi. Pet is cute, friendly, and scatterbrained, and can’t wait to play with all the family!

You can learn and have fun with them with colors, shapes, puzzles, and logic games.


Absolutely no adverts – Designed to entertain children aged from 2 to 6, from little to big! – Games with SIMPLE rules for children to play alone or with their parents. – Perfect for children at play school. – A host of entertaining sounds and interactive animation. – No need for reading skills, perfect also for pre-school or nursery children. – Characters created for boys and girls.

Bibi. Pet Who are we?

We produce games for our children, and it is our passion. We produce tailor-made games, without invasive advertising by third parties. Some of our games have free trial versions, which means you can try them out first before purchases, supporting our team and enabling us to develop new games and keep all our apps up-to-date.

We create a variety of games based on: colors and shapes, dressing up, dinosaur games for boys, games for girls, mini-games for smaller children, and many other fun and educational games; you can try them all! Our thanks to all the families who showed their trust in Bibi.Pet!

How to Choose the Right Games for Your Child

Here are some tips to consider when selecting games for children:

Check the Content Rating: Make sure the game is age-appropriate by checking its content rating.

Look for Educational Value: Choose games that offer some educational content or support learning in a specific subject.

Consider Your Child’s Interests: Games should align with your child’s interests to keep them engaged.

Observe Gameplay Length: Opt for games with reasonable playtimes to prevent excessive screen time.


Children are naturally curious and creative beings. They have an innate desire to explore and express themselves through various forms of art. One such form is drawing, which allows children to unleash their imagination and create beautiful artwork. With the advancement of technology, there are now numerous digital drawing and coloring apps available for kids. One such app that stands out is the Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game.

What is Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game?

Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game is an interactive and engaging app designed specifically for children to enhance their creativity and cognitive skills. This app provides a platform for kids to draw, color, and create their own masterpieces in a fun and user-friendly environment.

Features and Benefits

The Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it an ideal choice for parents and educators alike:

  • 1. Drawing Tools: The app provides a variety of drawing tools such as pencils, brushes, and colors, allowing children to experiment with different techniques and styles.
  • 2. Coloring Pages: Kids can choose from a vast collection of coloring pages featuring popular characters, animals, nature, and more. It not only improves their hand-eye coordination but also enhances their knowledge about various subjects.
  • 3. Stickers and Decorations: The app offers a range of stickers and decorations that children can use to embellish their artwork, making it even more vibrant and visually appealing.
  • 4. Save and Share: Kids can save their drawings and share them with family and friends. This feature encourages them to take pride in their creations and boosts their self-confidence.
  • 5. Learning Opportunities: Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game is not just about fun and entertainment; it also provides valuable learning opportunities. Through drawing and coloring, children improve their fine motor skills, hand coordination, concentration, and creativity.

Why Choose Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game?

Here are a few reasons why Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game stands out among other drawing and coloring apps:

1. Child-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with young kids in mind. It has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, ensuring a hassle-free drawing experience for children of all ages.

2. Ad-Free Experience: Unlike many other apps, Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game is free from annoying ads, ensuring uninterrupted play and exploration for children.

3. Safety and Parental Controls: The app ensures a safe and secure environment for kids by implementing necessary child-proof settings and parental controls. Parents can have peace of mind while their children enjoy the app.

4. Regular Updates: The app developers regularly update the content, adding new coloring pages, drawing tools, and features, keeping children engaged and excited about their creative journey.

5. Educational Content: In addition to fostering creativity, Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game offers educational content that helps children learn about colors, shapes, animals, and various everyday objects, making it a well-rounded app.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game

What Is Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game?

Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game is an interactive educational app designed to help kids learn and develop their creativity through drawing and coloring activities.

How Can Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game Benefit My Child?

Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game stimulates your child’s imagination, enhances their fine motor skills, and nurtures their artistic abilities in a fun and engaging way.

Is Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game Suitable For All Ages?

Yes, Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game is suitable for children of all ages, from toddlers to preteens. The app offers different levels and activities to cater to different age groups.

Can My Child Learn To Draw And Color With Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game?

Absolutely! Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game provides step-by-step drawing tutorials and a wide range of coloring pages for your child to explore and learn from. It’s a great tool for improving their artistic skills.


The Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game is an outstanding digital drawing and coloring app that combines fun, creativity, and learning in one place. With its wide range of features, child-friendly interface, and educational content, it provides a safe and enjoyable platform for children to express themselves and enhance their artistic abilities. So, why wait? Give your child the opportunity to explore their imagination and creativity with the Bibi Drawing & Color Kids Game!

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