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BlueStacks: what is it and how to use the leading Android emulator for PC.
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That Android is an excellent source of games you already know. However, certain games are more difficult to play via the touch screen than via the controller, mouse, or keyboard. It would be perfect if you could use your PC to control mobile games, wouldn’t it?

The solution to this impasse exists. Several emulator app options allow you to use Android apps on the PC, but the best known among them is BlueStacks. It is completely free, and it is the perfect option for you to raise your level in games like FPS, MMORPG, and many others.

How to install and use BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is compatible with all versions of Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit). However, to run it, make sure your machine has at least 2 GB of RAM. You may even be able to install the app with a configuration below that, but you’ll find that the performance will be lower than expected. The installation step by step is simple.

Step 1. Go to the BlueStacks website and choose the download version. The page will automatically identify the version of your operating system, but you can download other versions if you want.

Step 2. After finishing the download, double click on the executable file and wait for the installation.

Step 3. When launching the app for the first time, log in with your Google account. You can use the same one enabled on your smartphone, which will cause the progress in a game to be synchronized in both versions.

Step 4. When checking the Play Store version on BlueStacks, look for the game you want to download, download it and wait for the installation. If you want, a shortcut icon for the game will be created directly on your Desktop.

The main advantages of using BlueStacks for games

There are many advantages that an emulator like BlueStacks offers for those looking to be more competitive in online games. The difference is greater in titles where agility in commands is a differential, as is the case of FPS and MMORPG, which are much more attractive when controlled via mouse and keyboard.

BlueStacks has a Key Mapping feature, which allows you to map all the keys to have even more attractive gameplay for your profile. However, in most major titles available for Android, the emulate developers already have a configuration tested and approved.

In addition to the gameplay advantages, enjoying top Android games on the big screen of a monitor allows you to see a greater level of detail, which can become a competitive advantage in games of various styles. Be more precise in your shots and simplify the action of sending text messages during matches.

Finally, BlueStacks brings a big difference that is the Macros. You can record a set of actions in script form and execute them, saving time and evolving your characters faster. Titles like RAID: Shadow Legends, Omega Legends, Heroes of Might & Magic: Era of Chaos, Free Fire, and Saint Seiya Awakening are some of the options that get much more interesting when played via emulator.