BullGuard Internet Security

20.0.381.3 for Windows
BullGuard antivirus protects your devices from different kinds of threats using modern tools to keep your device safe at all times.
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20.0.381.3 for Windows
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BullGuard antivirus has one of the best security out there that keeps your devices very safe from different malicious threats. Its award-winning security has machine learning capabilities on all your devices. It continuously monitors all your devices in real-time protecting them from all kinds of malicious and harmful threats even before they have a chance to touch your device. BullGuard antivirus continuously updates itself automatically so that it can be equipped with the latest technology to take down different viruses but it also protects all your devices even without a network connection.

BullGuard had many different layers of protection to protect your devices from every single type of threat. Whenever a virus or malware invades your device, its lighting fast detectors detect the threat and eliminate it right there and then. Its complex sentry behavioral engine protects the device from complex malware threats. Even if you do not run a scan, the multiple powerful security engines will keep your device safe at all times. When browsing online, the cloud security engine will protect you from all kinds of malicious threats like fake websites, spam, viruses, malware-filled emails, and much more. Whenever a virus from online browsing tries to invade your device, BullGuard catches it and disposes of it even before it had a chance to enter your system.

BullGuard antivirus is an incredibly fast antivirus that takes care of all harmful and malicious threats in a few seconds. It offers incredible performance and even had a game booster feature. Its award-winning game booster is even compatible with online anti-cheat systems.