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4.1.0 for Windows
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Double Driver – Drivers without problems

The idea of reinstalling a PC can always bring double feelings to all of us. On the one hand, the idea of having the machine with a fresh installation and with the OS as fast as it can be, but on the other hand, we have the headache of having to reinstall all our applications and drivers again.

But there are ways to get around the problems that this intervention brings. The applications part has already been covered several times on our website, such as Ketarin. As for the drivers, the simplest is to resort to software. And we recommend Double Driver.

Although new operating systems promise zero conflicts with drivers, installing or reinstalling one always brings some conflict with drivers for some devices. There is always fieldwork fishing for the best drivers on the websites of the different manufacturers.

What if, before formatting your machine and applying the new OS, you removed the drivers that worked so well before?

That’s what Double Driver is for. This software allows you to make a backup of the drivers so that you can use them later.

This tool also allows you to use Microsoft’s Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, which greatly facilitates the export and import of users to Windows Seven. But that’s for an article to be published soon, and with the detail it deserves.

Its interface is immaculate, and it boils down to a list of drivers found on your machine. Here you can choose the drivers you want to safeguard and whether you want to back up or restore them.

If you want to perform a backup, it is straightforward: choose the drivers to save and select the Backup button. The new window defines the location where you want to save the backup, whether you want it saved in a folder, zipped, or self-extracting zip (.exe). It is also recommended that you include the Double Driver in the package you are creating so that you can use it to recover from the backup.

Restoring is as simple or simpler than backup. Unzip or run the zip you created and place it in an area of the disk that you decide is your free zone!

After that, launch the Double Driver and choose the option Restore. In the window that will open (and I’m not referring to the one that indicates the need for Admin to use the Double Driver’s restore function), choose the folder where you have the drivers (the one you put in the free zone of the disk) and the drivers will be shown that they have in that backup. After that, just do Restore, and the drivers are installed correctly.

This tool can (and should) be used for other purposes also with great relevance. Anyone who installs a large park of similar machines will appreciate having it around. And, of course, use it as a complement to the backups you periodically perform on your disk.

What's new

What's new in this version:

  • Possibility to resize the main window
  • Option to bypass elevated permissions mode
  • Fixed the problem of Avira false positives