GTA IV: San Andreas-Grand Theft Auto involves

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, can you live in called as one of the greatest games of all time.
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Beta3 for Windows
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Grand Theft Auto involves a person who is known as college on the sun or otherwise known as CJ who is breaking out from his jail to reunite with his family in Groove Street. This game called on sentence to do several types of missions just so that he can understand What he did that he deserved such bad treatment from all of them. It is an open-world free game, therefore, providing freedom to the player regarding their choices of visit. Grand Theft Auto has always made sure that the player stays intact with the gameplay and therefore when he is finished, he asked for more. Later other characters as well which involves much more members. The mission that is assigned to him is much more creative. This new game made sure that almost all of the people remember the mission and make sure that the people stayed in contact with the game. The Grand Theft Auto series always made shows that the story of their gameplays is pretty amazing. this is something that we witness also in San Andreas, where is Tori plays a person named Carl Johnson, CJ. CJ is a convict who has done jail time, and now looks back to returning to his previous life free from all of his sins, he makes sure dirty steers clear from all of his bad habits and therefore makes sure that none of his cousins Or his brother in law put him in trouble. The main protagonist of this game that is revealed at the end is a person named big smoke, who betrays his green-shirted brothers, by giving them the wrong information and therefore leading to the demise of that clan. he was also the one who had put CJ into jail when confronted by CJ he just said that he was tired of everything and wanted a way out.