Knockout Twhist APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download Knockout Twhist APK Mod game (Premium Version) for Android- Free - latest-version.This is the free version of Knockout Twhist which contains ads. There is also a paid version minus the ads.
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Rich Kid Software
Feb 28, 2020
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This is the free version of Knockout Twhist which contains ads. There is also a paid version minus the ads.

Important: if you play the game signed in to Google Play Games, but find that you keep starting back at the beginning of the game when you come back to the game, check your Google Drive / Gmail storage, it is full. Clean out some space so that your game data can be saved.

Knockout Twist is a variation of the popular game of Knockout Whist. The goal of the game is simple. Win as many tricks as you can, preventing other players (AI) from winning tricks, and thereby knocking them out of the game. If you beat the AI, you’ll unlock new card types, scenes, and card backs.

3 simple rules:

  • Follow suit if you can (or play your best card if you are leading).
  • Play a trump suit to try to win the trick if you can’t follow suit.
  • Discard a worthless card if you can’t win the trick.

Knockout Twhist Features:

  • Tournament mode with 57 tournament rounds to fight through
  • increasing difficulty
  • 6 scenes
  • different game variations to unlock
  • 120 achievements to unlock
  • 18 Twhist action cards to unlock
  • 90+ vocalisations
  • Attractive graphics
  • various music soundtracks and sound effects

Note: the game contains a few choice coarse words but the swearing can be turned off

Also, note that it is best to sign into your Google account before playing this game. Games are saved in the cloud and you will be able to unlock the achievements. If you do not sign in, your game will be saved locally and you won’t have access to achievements. You also cannot transfer games between cloud and local, so sign in from the very start if you don’t want to lose your game position.

What's new

  • Important fixes and improvements.