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Download Marriage Card Game by Bhoos APK Mod game (Premium Version) for Android- Free - latest-version.Marriage by Bhoos is the only Marriage Card Game that allows you to bring your friends and family together.
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Jul 7, 2023
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Marriage by Bhoos is the only Marriage Card Game that allows you to bring your friends and family together.

Through social features like Hotspot and Friend Network, you can now play this classic rummy variant no matter where you or your loved ones are.


  • Single Player with fun bots like Gabbar & Mogambo.
  • Hotspot Mode with near and dear ones.
  • Multiplayer to compete for leaderboard rankings.
  • Friend Network to play within your own network.
  • Fully Customizable Gameplay.
  • Cool Themes including Nepali, Indian & Bollywood.


  • Number of cards: 3 decks of 52 cards
  • Option to Add up to 3 Man Cards and 1 Superman Card
  • Variations: Murder and Kidnap
  • Number of players: 2-5
  • Playing Time: 4-5 minutes per game

Game Objectives

The prime objective of the game is to arrange twenty-one cards into valid sets.


Tiplu: Same suit and rank as the Joker card.
Alter Card: Same color and rank as the Joker card but of a different suit.
Man Card: Joker-faced card used to make sets after seeing the Joker.
Jhiplu and Poplu: The same suit as tipu but one rank lower and higher respectively.
Ordinary Jokers: Same rank as Tiplu but of a different color.
Superman Card: Special card is used to make sets in both the initial and final play.
Pure Sequence: Set of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit.
Trial: Set of three cards of the same rank but different suits.
Tunnella: Set of three cards of the same suit and same rank.
Marriage: Set of three cards of the same suit and same rank.

Initial Gameplay (Before Joker-Seen)

  • Try to form 3 pure sequences or tunnels.
  • A Superman card can also be used to form a pure sequence.
  • The player must show these combinations, and discard a card to the discard pile, to see the joker.

Final Gameplay (After Joker-Seen)

  • Build sequences and trials from the remaining cards to end the game.
  • Man Card, Superman Card, Alter Card, Ordinary Jokers, Tiplu, Jhiplu, and Poplu acts as jokers and can be used to form a sequence or trial.
  • Note: A joker cannot be used to make a tunnel.

Game Modes

Kidnap / Murder / Number of Man Cards


Marriage Card Game, also known as 21 Cards Rummy or Marriage Rummy is a high stake and more exciting version of the traditional Rummy game. Marriage Rummy comes in naturally for those who know how to play Indian Rummy.
Here is a short comparison between the two games

Number of Decks

While the Indian Rummy is played with 1 or 2 decks depending on the number of people, the Marriage Rummy is played with 3 cards.

Number of Cards Dealt

In Indian Rummy, each player is dealt 13 cards, while in the Marriage Rummy, there are 21 cards.

Joker Rules

In Indian Rummy, a wildcard joker is chosen right at the beginning. However, in Marriage Rummy, only those who have created three pure sequences can choose/see a wildcard joker.
Also, while there is a limited number of jokers in Indian Rummy, there are quite a few in Marriage Rummy. (See Marriage Rules above)

Pure Sequence Rules

While only a single pure sequence is required in Indian Rummy, you will need at least three pure sequences in Marriage Rummy to progress in the game.


While each card has a specific value in Indian Rummy, the scoring is very different in Marriage Rummy. Those who have seen the Joker pay a 3-point but do not finish the game pay a 3-point penalty, while those who have not created three sets of pure sequences pay 10 points.
Another difference is that Jokers have a point value in Marriage Rummy. Anyone who holds jokers will claim points from other players. (See Rules above)

What's new

  • Performance improvement
  • Fix known bugs