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Sep 21, 2023
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A pixel art idle clicker game with a dark, magical theme for fans of cosmic horror! Masters of Madness is a tapping game that will give you a wicked delight with every tap and achievement. Step into the spooky universe of H.P. Lovecraft and start tapping away!

Come to the ancient temple of Cthulhu on the dark shore under the ever-setting sun… Unleash the minions from the Lovecraft universe and become increasingly powerful with the souls they collect in your name. You will master your own madness, meet the Outer Gods, and become more godlike with each passing timeline.

If you are someone who enjoys dark/gothic fantasy or dark-magical/paranormal horror stories along with idle clicker games, Masters of Madness Incremental might be the perfect idle tapping game for you!

Enjoy an endless clicking adventure, and go nuts with dark magic and witchcraft. Unleash the forces of darkness that will help you become the ultimate Master of Madness!


MoM is an indie idle clicker-tapping game that comes with a dark magical vibe. Although it’s best suited for the ones who are into dark fantasy and gothic horror such as HP Lovecraft or Stephen King, anyone with a love for idle tapping or idle tycoon clicker games can enjoy MoM. The gameplay features an eerie atmosphere, a temple with the forgotten old god Cthulhu’s mysterious statue, with its back to the roaring ocean under a gloomy sunset. You have to tap on the statue to signify your allegiance to Cthulhu and collect souls. Collecting enough souls and different abilities and spells will unlock, which will allow you to enhance your ability to gain even more souls and the precious Ether with which you will gain the favor of the Outer Gods, becoming ever more powerful. Unleash minions such as cultists and ghouls which will help you collect souls more quickly. You can enhance their abilities in exchange for souls and unlock more powerful minions as you move forward within the game.

On your altar, there are two magical objects: the skull of a sinner and a goblet of blood. The skull is the key to your minions and the goblet of blood is the key to the various powers you can have. The powers include those such as the unique Soulflame torches that help your soul collection (keep them alight by tapping!), some that empower your minions, or some that even unlock new stages of madness. Be careful, manage your level of delirium, lest you go fully insane!

As you progress within the game you will unlock different Offerings that will reward you with Elder Blood. With Elder Blood, you can acquire artifacts and engage in Blood Sorcery which will help you in unique ways. Upon collecting a certain number of souls, you will be asked to draw magical sigils that empower you.


A unique indie game with a carefully crafted atmosphere
The setting, the hand-crafted pixel art visuals, and the carefully chosen sound design – will mesmerize you. If you want to enjoy an idle tapping game that sometimes sends chills down your spine, then this is your game.
Endless Exploration
You will unlock powers and mysteries step by step. As the mystery unfolds, your power will increase to godlike levels!
No Gaming Skills Required
Masters of Madness is easy to play! Just tap away and enjoy the experience.
Yet strategically deep
Those who enjoy a bit of thinking will reap the rewards of clever decisions!
Secrets and easter eggs waiting to be discovered
We love a good mystery!
No Forced Ads
Only video ads that give you bonuses, only if/when you want to watch them. No banners, no forced videos!
Made by Gamers, for Everyone
This is an indie project – created by Lovecraft fans and lovers of incremental games. We love dark fantasy, we love addicting exploration games that you can’t let go of. A unique experience is guaranteed.

Contact us at [email protected] for any questions and feedback. Join our subreddit r/mastersofmadness and our Discord channel for tips and tricks!

Overview Game

Overall, the Masters of Madness Incremental game has a very nice feel to it and the reason why this game became so famous was because of its simplicity yet it had an amazing set of graphics that Captured the eye of every Casual gamer out there. Download Masters of Madness Incremental mod apk (hack, Unlocked All Levels ) using your favorite browser.  Masters of Madness Incremental Free Casual Game Hack Mod (Unlimited Money / Gems) can be played for free and does not require root.

What's new

  • Performance & Tablet Resolution Improvements
  • New Nether Minion: Mind Parasites
  • Leviathan Overhaul

Better Endgame with Smoother Progression: blessing, nether minion and power prices adjustments, new tapping powers, softer black hole move condition (visit Discord for detailed announcement)

  • Bugfixes and smaller balancing adjustments for Paths of Destiny



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