Norton 360

2014 for Windows
Nortan 360 is the most popular program known for computer security that can help you keep your computer virus and malware-free at all times.
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2014 for Windows
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Nortan 360 is an excellent antivirus to keep your computer or your business safe from harmful threats like viruses, malware, data package, privacy breach, and much more. The free version of Nortan 360 is a very great antivirus and protects your computer from all angles but it gets way better with the premium version. With premium, wherever you are, you can safely do your online shopping, banking, or browsing without any danger of breach of privacy. The premium version provides you with 75GB of cloud storage that automatically backs up your file to the cloud in case your hard drive breaks down or gets stolen. The premium automatically gets renewed after a year so that there is not even a second of the vulnerability of your system and files.

In the premium version, Nortan 360 provides you with a secure VPN so that you can browse freely without leaving a trail. This also protects you from privacy breaches like bank or credit card information getting leaked. Nortan 360 also provides you with a manager that keeps all your passwords in one protected place so everyday ease. It also provides parental controls so you can worry-free let your kids use computers and mobile without them seeing inappropriate stuff. Norton 360 also had a firewall that is considered to be better than the windows firewall. Nortan 360 is very professional and had said that if Nortan 360 fails to get rid of a virus, they will provide you with a refund. Nortan 360 is a must-have antivirus that provides much ease of life features.