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Reddit Social Network

Reddit is basically a great bunch of forums where registered users can talk about almost anything they can think of, from news, pop culture, tech, comics, movies, literature, and for work.  The hottest things on earth, including safe stuff.

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion site.  Registered members submit content such as links, text messages, images and videos to the site, which is then voted on by other members.  Posts are organized by topic in user-created forums called “communities” or “subreddits”, which cover a variety of topics such as news, politics, religion, science, movies, video games, music, books, sports, fitness, cooking.  do cover.  Share pets and photos.  The entries with the most upvotes will appear at the top of your subreddit and, if they get enough upvotes, will appear on the site’s home page.  Despite strict rules against harassment, Reddit administrators tend to moderate and sometimes close communities.  Moderation is also done by some community moderators who are not considered to be Reddit employees.

Reddit is a website that includes user-generated content such as photos, videos, links and text messages and discussions of that content on a bulletin board system.  According to Reddit, in 2019 there were about 430 million monthly users, so-called “Redditors”.  The site’s content is divided into categories, or communities, known as “subreddits” on the site, of which there are over 138,000 active communities.

As a community network, Reddit’s core content is made up of contributions from its users.  Users can comment on other people’s posts to keep the conversation going.  A key feature of Reddit is that users can send up or down votes, call up and down votes for each post and comment on the website.  The number of positive or negative votes determines the visibility of the post on the site so that the most popular content is displayed to the majority of people.  Messages are automatically archived after six months, which means they can no longer be commented on or rated.

Among the site’s many subtitles, the most popular posts are visible on the homepage for those browsing the site without an account.  By default, the main page for these users displays the r/popular subreddit, which has the top-rated posts in Reddit.  Registered users who subscribe to subreddits will see the main content of the subreddits they’ve subscribed to on their personal cover.

Reddit is open for everyone to freely surf and read.  You can also sign up and join more.

Registered users can post on all public subtitles.  You can also join subreddits, an action that affects how the Reddit homepage looks to you (we’ll talk about that later).

You can also comment on other people’s submissions by clicking the open comment box just below the submission.  Similarly, you can reply to people’s comments by clicking Reply.

Lastly, registered users can vote for or against any submission, which is how the submissions are displayed on the Reddit homepage.