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Traffic Rider

From the makers of the successful video game Traffic Racer comes the next level of mobile racing games.  Traffic Rider is more than just a racing game.  It takes everything great about Traffic Racer and throws it on two wheels.  Choose from over 20 bikes to unlock in this endless high-speed racing game.  Feel the thrill of walking on city streets or on snow-covered mountains with a first-person perspective and high-quality graphics.  Apart from realism, there are bike sound effects recorded in real life and detailed day and night environment.  Traffic Rider brings even more action to the table with a career and over forty missions to challenge you for longer periods of time.  Play Traffic Rider on Mac and PC to experience the thrill of real motorcycle racing from the comfort of your home.

Like its predecessors Traffic Racer and Wings on Fire, in Traffic Rider, the player takes on the role of an anonymous person who must get to his destination quickly.  The real fate is left to the audience as the game really lets you work on understanding its narrative.

Traffic Rider is primarily a first-person perspective, with the player looking at a handlebar.  One button is gas, the other is brake, and tilting the phone back and forth controls the direction of the driver’s tilt.  As players progress, they can unlock new and more difficult levels as well as bigger and brighter bikes.

It’s not mandatory to upgrade your Pig at any point, but if you want to advance through Career,  there are a number of ways you’ll need to upgrade your bike.

The level of customization is well above SK Games’ previous titles, the new offer a lot of replayability, and the fact that it’s 100% free isn’t a bad thing.  In-app purchases are available, but there’s no need for the talented gamer or dedicated crusher to open your wallet.

Some tips before you start

The controls may seem simple at the kindergarten level, but that doesn’t mean that Traffic Rider is a no-frills experience.  Passing the tests waiting for you will take a split second and a little more patience.  However, before putting on your helmet, keep these general tips in mind:

Expect to fail.  very.

Unsurprisingly, in a game that involves flying upside down in heavy traffic, death is everywhere.  The traffic rider is tough and quite careless;  One wrong move usually results in restarting the mission.  So expect to run into a lot of things and be prepared to do all the levels at least twice.  This is part of the game itself.

Don’t worry about the delay.

Traffic Rider’s career consists of a series of timed levels.  Don’t worry about the countdown, though.  Traffic Rider is a nanosecond game, not a minute game.  So your goal is not to beat the clock, but to survive until you reach the goal.  Momentum should not be overlooked, however, it should only be used as an essential tool of trading.  In other words.

Play on your phone.

It’s probably more personal preference, but Traffic Rider is more suited to an actual mobile device than a tablet.  Even a seven-inch tablet can be difficult to use when trying to steer cars going 100 mph.  You’d think the smaller screen would be a deterrent, but that’s a better grip than to compensate.