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UptoSix Kids
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May 25, 2022
Oct 20, 2023
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Download UptoSix Phonics APK and the Latest Version

UptoSix Phonics is the ultimate phonics app designed to make learning phonics a delightful and interactive experience for children aged three and up. Our app offers a comprehensive, research-backed approach to phonics education, equipping young learners with the foundational skills they need to become fluent readers and confident writers.

Why Choose UptoSix Phonics App?

Invest in Your Child’s Future: Early literacy skills are the milestone of academic success. Give your child the gift of literacy and watch them soar in school and beyond.

Systematic Phonics Lessons:

The UptoSix Phonics app offers systematic step-by-step phonics lessons, designed by experienced teachers to help children build a solid foundation in reading and spelling.

Fun and Easy to Follow:

A wide range of interactive lessons that cover the full spectrum of phonics curriculum. Lessons are fun and easy to follow.
Easy for Parents and Teachers: Systematic, step-by-step synthetic phonics lessons are easy to follow for parents and teachers.

No prior knowledge is required.

Perfect for homeschooling
A valuable supplemental tool for schools alongside your existing phonics curriculum.

Interactive Games and Activities:

Learning through play is at the heart of UptoSix Phonics. Our app includes a variety of games and activities that help reinforce phonics concepts in a way that feels like fun, not work.

Sound Introduction:

The UptoSix Phonics App teaches all the letter sounds with fun stories and games.

Letter Formation:

It is important for preschoolers to learn how to write with proper formation. Animation helps to learn to write letters with proper formation. No auto-correction of writing.

Concept Reinforcement:

Each taught concept is reinforced through fun games.

Checking for Understanding:

At each level, fun games are designed to assess a child’s learning.

Pre-Reading and Spelling skills:

Before children start learning reading and spelling, many games prepare them for reading and spelling skills.


Blending is the skill used for reading. Kids learn to blend the individual sounds of a word to read. The number of words available for blending practice grows as more letter sounds are introduced.


To spell a word, kids learn to identify the individual sounds of the word. Like to spell ‘hand’, the word is segmented into the individual sounds, /h/, /a/, /n/, and /d/.

Endless Practice:

To master phonics skills, children need endless practice. With a huge database of words, the UptoSix Phonics App provides endless practice opportunities to master reading and spelling skills.


After mastering the skill of blending, there is a huge collection of phrases for reading practice.

Real voice pronunciation:

Hearing the correct pronunciation of each sound is crucial for phonics success. UptoSix Phonics uses real voice pronunciations to ensure accuracy.
Kid-friendly design: Our app is designed with young children in mind. The intuitive and kid-friendly interface makes it easy for kids to navigate the app on their own.

CHILD SAFETY: We prioritise the safety and privacy of your child. UptoSix Phonics is ad-free and does not collect personal information.


Check out the UptoSix Phonics PLUS App for advanced phonics concepts like Digraphs, consonant blends, tricky words, magic ‘e’, alternate spelling, and more.

Join Thousands of Happy Families: UptoSix Phonics has already made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children and their parents. Join our community of satisfied users and witness the transformation in your child’s learning experience!

Download Now and Watch Your Child’s Phonics Skills Flourish! Start your child’s phonics journey and set them up for a lifetime of reading success.
OUR OTHER APPS: Check out the UptoSix Letter Formation and UptoSix Spell Board App. Fun educational apps for kids. Join the UptoSix Phonics PLUS Family Today and Watch Your Child Thrive!

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