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Download Viking Guard APK Mod game (Premium Version) for Android. The latest version is a free download game of the Viking Guard.
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Aug 18, 2023
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About Viking Guard APK

Bjorn was a brave and loyal Viking warrior. From a young age, Viking Bjorn demonstrated unwavering devotion to Odin. The Viking’s dedication did not go unnoticed by Odin himself, who considered him his favorite Viking in Midgard and frequently assigned him tasks.

However, Odin’s favoritism towards the Vikings aroused the envy and resentment of Thor and Loki. Tired of living in the Viking’s shadow, they devised a plan to discredit him in front of Odin and strip him of his privileged position.

Loki disguised himself as Odin and approached the Viking. Convinced that he was following his god’s orders, Viking Bjorn accepted a seemingly simple but extremely grave mission: to destroy a sacred relic that Odin considered essential for maintaining balance in Midgard.

Unaware that it was a trap, the Viking, with his loyalty and indomitable spirit, completed the task without realizing the damage he was causing. When Odin discovered what the loyal Viking had done, his fury was unleashed, and he decided to punish the Viking with an unprecedented curse.

In his anger, Odin cast a curse upon the Viking, condemning him to be pursued by a relentless flock of ravens. Day and night, the ravens stalked the Viking, barely allowing him to survive their relentless attacks, and their constant cawing tormented his mind.

Viking Bjorn grew tired of pleading for Odin’s help, but Odin did not respond to the Viking’s calls. He didn’t understand what had happened. That’s when Freya appeared, who had witnessed the entire trap plotted by Thor and Loki. However, her relationship with Odin was tense, making it impossible for her to explain to Odin what had happened. So, she decided to help the Viking in another way.

Freya pointed the Viking to an ancient portal that led to a realm beyond Odin’s reach. If Viking Bjorn could traverse it, he would be safe from the ravens and the curse that plagued him. However, the path to the portal would not be easy.

Knowing that Viking Bjorn would not survive the dangerous journey alone, let alone the relentless flock of ravens, Freya decided to summon you. You will be the one to protect Viking Bjorn from Odin’s ravens and the dangers that await him on his journey. Help Viking Bjorn survive his curse and guide him towards the portal that will set him free from his torment.

About Viking Guard: Odin’s Fury

Viking Guard is an addictive puzzle game where your objective is to draw a line to save the Viking. It will test your wits. To save the Viking, you must protect him from the attack of the ravens, as well as the dangers of the world, such as water, lava, or spikes.

The gameplay of Viking Guard is very simple. You have to draw a line that protects the Viking, and once the line is completed, the Viking must survive for 10 seconds. Some levels feature Vikings on glass, in which case you must quickly draw the line before the glass breaks and the Vikings die or block the way.

Keep in mind that all levels have a solution. Some are more complex than others and will require ingenuity. Remember that even the level’s wall can serve as a support for the line.

Download Viking Guard: Odin’s Fury right now and become the savior of Viking Bjorn. Don’t let Odin’s ravens end his existence.

Overview Game

Overall, the Viking Guard kids game has a very nice feel to it and the reason why this game became so famous was because of its simplicity yet it had an amazing set of graphics that Captured the eye of every Casual gamer out there. Download the Viking Guard mod apk (hack, Unlocked All Levels ) using your favorite browser.  Viking Guard Free Casual Game Hack Mod (Unlimited Money / Gems) can be played for free and does not require root.

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