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2.2126.12.0 for Windows
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WhatsApp for desktop has finally matured. Isn’t it a little late?

Whatsapp – how does it work?

Whatsapp is a messenger that connects to our phone number, and therefore we can only use it on one device. If we do not want to provide our number, we will not create a Whatsapp account. There are unofficial methods to enter a false number, but I do not recommend such combinations – eventually, it may result in blocking or deletion of the account. The messenger works on a slightly different principle than, for example, Messenger, on which we create an account by entering an email address.

How to use Whatsapp? Some useful tips

Whatsapp – logging in

Whatsapp can be downloaded from the Google store or the AppStore. After installing the device, we must enter our phone number and confirm that we are its owner. To do this, from the received SMS message, enter a six-digit code in the application or select registration by conversation. After positive verification, we will create our account on Whatsapp (or log in to the existing one). Then we can choose the name and profile photo.

The whole process takes about 3 minutes unless, for some reason, the application is downloading very slowly, or we do not receive an SMS immediately. If the message with the code does not come, it is worth checking if we made a mistake when entering the phone number. Sometimes, poor coverage can also be a problem.

Whatsapp – Backup

We can back up conversations and multimedia to Google Drive or the device’s internal memory. If we change devices, it is only with this copy that we can recreate messages, photos, and videos. We can also decide how often Whatsapp should create such a copy.

How to find someone on Whatsapp without a phone number?

Whatsapp retrieves contacts from our phone book, and we can also add someone knowing their number. However, if we do not know the number, we can only add such a contact person if he provides us with a QR code. After scanning it, we will add such a person to contacts without knowing the phone number. You can find your individual QR code in the application settings.

WhatsApp for desktop with video and voice chat support

The new, controversial WhatsApp rules have made many people turn away from this program, which is not something the developers of other messengers are complaining about. However, if you trust Facebook’s assurances that you should not worry about your privacy and still use the application with the green icon, you may be interested in the news that the PC version has gained functionality that has been lacking for years.

WhatsApp already supports voice and video calls not only on smartphones and tablets but also on computers. Specifically on machines with Windows 10 (version 1903 and above) and macOS (from 10.13). And – as in the case of the mobile version – on PCs, we can also count on end-to-end encryption, eliminating the possibility of eavesdropping on the conversation. Of course, calls are invariably available at no extra charge.

A long-awaited novelty, but …

For now, non-text calls are only available but WhatsApp representatives assure that an option for group voice and video conferencing will be added soon. Great, but …

Is it all introduced a little late?

Facebook seems to have missed the right moment – even aside from why these features weren’t introduced from the start, and we had our entire 2020 search for video messaging. And we found out, so WhatsApp has a difficult task in advance (and there are also – mentioned in the introduction – controversy related to the new regulations).