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WindowsAndroid and its benefits?

In the increasingly complex world of mobile devices, there are many options when buying a new cell phone. In some companies, it is straightforward: everyone knows what the iPhone is, what it has and what it does. BlackBerry is somewhat more complex due to the number of cell phones available, but its operation is still similar.

The one that causes much more confusion is Android. Many have heard of Android. But what is it really? It is a cell phone? A mobile manufacturer? And what is open source?

Android is an operating system. It is the base on which all the applications that we install on the cell phone sit and that controls all functions such as calls, the camera, and messages.

The entire Android system belongs to Google. What happens is that, contrary to what happens in the cases of iPhone and BlackBerry, Google does not manufacture its own cell phones. Therefore, it is to offer its operating system completely free of charge to any manufacturer that wishes to do so.

In this way, we find many companies that share the way it works, the available applications, and much more. We found some cell phones from Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony-Ericsson.

We could compare the situation with the one that occurs in Windows on computers: the customer can buy a computer from HP, Toshiba, Dell … but all of them share the Windows operating system. Android, unlike Windows, is open source: this means that any individual or company with the knowledge can create their own version of Android.

If all this sounds like Chinese, do not worry, since we can summarize it as follows: unlike iPhone and Blackberry, in which all cell phones are identical, with Android, each company presents a totally different product from the competition, with its personal pros and cons, but at the same time maintaining access to the catalog of applications available for Android.

“[The main asset of Android is that] the user has the option to customize everything to their liking. Not only change the colors or icons but even change the system applications themselves. If the user does not like, for example, the application to send messages, he can easily change it for another that is more attractive or functional. The same goes for the application to make calls or any other function. It is simply something that the user cannot do on the iPhone or Windows Phone 7, ”he told Tecnomania.

Of course, Android is not perfect. With so many companies making cell phones and tablets with Android and who can update it to their liking, we find that Android phones do not always share the same level of quality. Some phones turn out to be much slower, others cause errors, or battery life is minimal.

But if you want to buy a cell phone with Android, we recommend one of the following cell phones: the Samsung Galaxy S (it is worth mentioning that it may have a different name depending on its operator), although it is about to turn one year old, it is still one of the best options on the market, with a screen of considerable size and very easy to use. As a second option, we recommend the HTC Incredible S, with a beautiful presentation and synchronization of all cell phone data on the web.