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What is Adobe Air ?

Adobe Air is a great and powerful app developer software. It can free download app on windows computer. Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a platform-independent runtime from Adobe Systems. It provides a basis for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA). This type of application aims to combine the advantages of web and desktop applications. Three different technologies are available for creating such applications.

On the one hand, there are the well-known web technologies HTML/AJAX and, on the other hand, the technologies Flash and Flex developed by Adobe.

Flash and Flex technologies. AIR first saw the light of day in the spring of 2007. of the world, at that time still under the code name Apollo. Only with the transition into the beta phase ¨ the project was renamed AIR. Version 1.0 is expected to be released in spring 2008.

Adobe Air Description

This chapter discusses the philosophy and audience Adobe is targeting with AIR and the technical foundations of an AIR application. Of course, a philosophy ¨ or a particular target audience does not lock developers into one use case, as Mike Chambers, an Adobe employee, notes in an introduction to Adobe AIR: ¨ I have worked at Adobe (and Macromedia before the merger) for nearly seven years. During that time, one thing has remained constant: developers always take our technologies in directions that we never expect.

Features of Adobe AIR?

The philosophy behind AIR is simple to explain. Adobe wants to provide an appealing and easy to learn and easy-to-learn environment that allows both developers and end-users of AIR applications to use AIR. AIR applications to navigate the world of RIAs with a little learning curve.

Despite this simplicity, AIR is still intended to provide enough features to allow developers to realize all of their ideas.

Developers can realize all their ideas. For this purpose, Adobe provides one technology and three different ones, which can also be combined with each other.

Binate with each other. These three technologies (HTML/AJAX, Flash, Flex) have been available for a longer or shorter time.

Available for a longer or shorter period of time and have been used mainly in the web area. For ¨AIR applications, no new development environments are required.

Are required. Each developer can continue to work with his old environment as before. In addition to the three development technologies, AIR also links to another widely used in-house technology.

In addition to the three development technologies, AIR also connects to another widely used in-house technology: the cross-platform document format PDF.

Target audience

Adobe is trying to reach Web developers who are not familiar with their existing tools with its platform-independent runtime. Developers can easily develop RIAs using their existing HTML/AJAX, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flex to develop and deploy RIAs easily. For developers with the aforementioned skills, it should be easy to acquire the additional knowledge needed for AIR. This does not require learning completely new programming or markup language. The Developers need only familiarize themselves with the programming interface provided by AIR.

How it works?

To run AIR applications, you need the runtime environment, which is about 11 MB in size. It integrates itself almost invisibly into the operating system after installation. There is no possibility for the user to make settings of any kind, nor are there any icons on the desktop, icons on the desktop, the start menu, or the taskbar (Windows). In this runtime environment.

AIR Application Development Techniques

As mentioned earlier, there are three different approaches to AIR application development. They will show how to develop applications using these approaches and the differences between AIR applications and applications using only the respective technology. Only with the respective technology are.

Create project files

Every AIR application consists of at least two files, the application description file and an HTML page. They must be located in one folder. This HTML page is the start page ¨ for the application. A JavaScript file called ¨ AIR Aliases.js should be included in it. This file is the interface to the AIR API. It can be found in the AIR SDK under the frameworks. And only needs to be copied to the project folder. If you do not need access to the API is not needed, you can leave it out.

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