Microsoft Security Essentials (32-bit) for Windows
Microsoft security essentials is a real-time protection antivirus developed by Microsoft that keeps any kind of harmful threat from even touching your device.
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Version (32-bit) for Windows
Varies with device
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Microsoft Security Essential is a very powerful antivirus available for windows vista, and Windows 10. It is a lighting fast antivirus that eliminates all kinds of malicious threats such as viruses, malware, data leakage, online cyber-terrorist, and much more even before try have a chance to enter your system keeping it safe at all times. Microsoft security essentials are available to download from the Microsoft store free of charge. It only works on windows vista and 7 as the new versions such as windows 8 and 10 are provided with windows defender which is an upgrades version of Microsoft security essentials.

Microsoft security essentials is a stand-alone software and does not work alongside other anti-viruses and may malfunction due to it. You should always download it from the Microsoft store as it is the official site to avoid getting a virus or a fake version. Not only does it work on windows vista and 7, but it can also even defend your android mobiles from all kinds of malware. Microsoft security essential works in the background not disturbing us and take care of all harmful threats. It also takes care of online threats such as spam, fake websites, harmful links, malware-filled emails, and much more.

Microsoft security essentials demand very few system requirements and can work on a CPU with a speed of 1 GHz or higher clock speed, 1 GB of ram, at least 256GB hard drive, and a display of a minimum of 800×600. These requirements are very low and nowadays, everyone has these or even better specifications.