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Windows 8 What is it, what is it for and what are the benefits of using this OS?

Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8, is just one of the most current business versions, although it is not one of the most current. This version brought big modifications concerning its precursor, W7.

After that, it will certainly be convenient to analyze what is W8 and also the optimal functions that a computer ought to have to mount. Because of this, we have actually prepared the following post for you to check out the elements connected to this OS.

Yet this is not all, and you will additionally understand the functions that Windows 8 and all its versions have. Lastly, you will know which is the most effective choice between W8 and also Windows 10.

What is Windows 8, and also what is this Microsoft operating system for?

Windows 8 is a collection of folders and documents utilized to take care of the frameworks of programs and hardware set up on a computer. Thanks to this Microsoft device, it is possible to access a visual interface and communicate with the device to deliver orders and get the details requested by the user.

You can utilize this program on desktops, laptops, tablet computers, as well as web servers. This version replaces Windows 7, but it is not the most updated because, as of 2015, Microsoft released its most recent OS, W10. Windows 8 licenses are all paid, and also you can access versions for residence, business, and server usage.

If you intend to acquire the 25-digit code to trigger the license, you can do it in the official Microsoft store or get it through authorized resellers and distributors. Although there are important technical changes with its precursor, one of the most doubtful features of this variation of Windows was removing the start menu, utilized because of the beginning of this operating system. Microsoft identified this mistake, and eventually, it was modified as we know it currently.

System requirements What are the suitable attributes that my COMPUTER should need to mount Windows 8?

Like any os, Windows 8 occupies a physical area in the hard drive storage space. However, this is not all, and it is additionally essential to have particular technical requirements for the program to work properly.

Therefore, we will certainly show you listed below what are the equipment needs that you have to have if you are thinking about setting up Windows 8 on your computer:


When it comes to the minimum needs, you will need to assume that the CPU should work at a regularity of 1.5 to 2.7 GHz, while the RAM will certainly have to be between 1 and 2 GB for a 32-bit or 64-bit design specifically.

On top of that, you must have a graphics card that works with DirectX 9, which sustains WDDM 1.0 vehicle drivers. However, this is not all, as well as you will certainly likewise need a hard disk room of between 16 and 20 GB for 32 and 64 little bits. Finally, the screen resolution ought to be 1024 x 768p for an appropriate individual experience.


To use the Windows 8 operating system and also job appropriately (with all its features and devices completely), you have to have a RAM of at the very least 4 GB on your computer system. While the screen resolution is advised to be 1366 x 768p as well as has DirectX 10 for video games, this way, you will certainly get a much better experience.

However, this is not all. If you intend to use the Microsoft shop, you will certainly require a registered account on this system. You can also utilize it for several of the particular features of this os. On the other hand, you will require added software program for DVD playback, and if you are seeking a safe beginning, you must have a suitable controller with the BIOS interface 2.3.1 Errata B.

Windows 8 Functions What can we do from this os?

Among the most exceptional features discovered in Windows 8, we want to explain the following:

  • We had already mentioned one in the past, although later in the Windows 8.1 variation, it was changed, and also, it is the removal of the beginning menu. This device is called Metro UI or Begin Display, which can be started from the taskbar’s residential or commercial properties in this operating system.
  • It permits you to use the same wallpaper as the desktop wallpaper applied to the start screen. At the same time, the home window occupies the entire screen. This is a large difference between its precursor and Windows 10 (in which the beginning food selection is located on the left side of the screen).
  • Applications on the house display can be shut straight with an X located at the top right of the package or immediately after being inactive for a while. Also, the icons can have various shapes and sizes. You can transform the shades of the start-up screen utilizing the PC Settings device.
  • Appeal, this bar is located on the right of the display and also has 5 commands (it provides, somewhat, the traditional start food selection in addition to the Start Display). From top to bottom, Browse, Share, House, Devices, and also Settings Menu.
  • The Skydrive cloud storage is gotten rid of, and in its location shows up an additional device from Microsoft, OneDrive, with which you can access the files quickly.
  • The lock display supports alerts, hence safeguarding access by unauthorized persons. Along with the day and time that can be seen, it is also possible to know the notifies sent by the operating system.