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2.8.11 for Windows
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This is how you can use the Messenger Telegram on the PC

If you want to use the WhatsApp Alternative Telegram on your PC, you only need to carry out a few steps. In principle, you have two options: Either you download the free app called “ Telegram for Desktop ” for your PC. This is a specially developed application that enables you to chat via Telegram on the laptop or Macbook. Or you can visit a special page and can chat straight away. The advantage of this option is that you do not have to download and install a program on your PC. Calling up the page is much faster. On the other hand, the Telegram application is easier to use for your laptop, as it was specially designed for PC use. Which variant you choose is up to you.

Telegram on the PC – via desktop application

Would you like to use Telegram on the PC with the application developed in-house? Then go to and first download the program to your PC. Before doing this, you have to select the operating system for which the desktop application is used. Depending on whether you are using a Windows laptop, a Macbook, or a PC with a different operating system, select ” Get Telegram for Windows ” or ” Show all Platforms. “Download the version. Once you have done this, click on the file to open it and then install it. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard. When the installation is complete, select “Start Messaging.” Next, you have to select the country in which you mainly use Telegram or the country where your mobile phone network is located (just like with the variant without desktop application). Then enter your mobile phone number in the field below. Then click “ Next.” You will now receive a five-digit security code on the telephone number you just entered. Enter this number sequence in the input mask on your PC. When you have done this, you are verified as a user, and you can start chatting.

Telegram can be used on the PC without loading the desktop app.

If you prefer to use Telegram straight away without downloading the PC application, go to An input mask appears on this, in which you only have to enter two details: First, you have to enter the country in whose telephone network you are using Telegram. If you have done this, the corresponding country code will automatically appear in the field below. If you use a US network, +49 is displayed. Right next to it you have to enter the second information, namely your telephone number. Once this is done, you will be sent an SMS to your smartphone. This is a so-called ” security code, ” which you have to enter in the following window on your PC. This is a prerequisite for using Telegram for your desktop. This process is the same for both variants, regardless of whether you are using Telegram on the PC with or without a special application.

Clear and clear: Telegram on the PC

Once you have entered the country and phone number and the corresponding security code to verify your access, you can get started and use Telegram on your PC. What are the differences between the desktop version and the smartphone version? The most noticeable feature is clarity. Although the mobile phone app is quite simply structured and easy to use, the PC version is still clearer and clearer in its structure: all your contacts are shown on the left in the picture. Due to the larger desktop screen (in contrast to the much smaller smartphone display), all your C hat progressions are displayed large and clearly arranged in a list one below the other. In this way, you practically no longer have to scroll to view all chats and have everything important at a glance. Your current chat is displayed on the right in the picture. So you can text and at the same time have an overview of all your Telegram contacts and chats.

The desktop version also offers you that.

The clarity that the PC version of Telegram offers you is a clear advantage over the mobile version. However, that’s not the only benefit you’ll get when using Telegram on PC. In addition, you can easily send photos, videos, or other documents to one or more of your smartphone contacts with the desktop application. This is especially useful if you only have certain files stored on your PC and not on your mobile phone. Many smartphones now offer an internal memory of several hundred gigabytes. The iPhone Xs, for example, is available in a 512 GB version.

Nevertheless, you do not always have all of the data you have on your home PC stored on your mobile phone at the same time. Cloud services such as Google Drive or iCloud can store and manage large amounts of data via smartphone. However, being able to send these at any time is not always possible without further ado. Depending on the current reception and the volume of data, there can sometimes be long delays when sending files. With the desktop application, you can avoid these problems and send files with a simple click of the mouse. Incidentally, the desktop version of WhatsApp offers a very similar function for you. Unlike other desktop versions of messengers, you can use Telegram to use it independently of your mobile phone. For example, if your smartphone is defective, switched off at another location, or in repair, you can still use the desktop version to write and reply to messages that arrive.


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