Pokémon Masters EX

2.12.5 for Android

This amazing game had been produced by DeNa, they have been creating many other games as well however this is the one that had most spunk.
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DeNA Co. Ltd.
2.12.5 for Android
5.0 and up
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Pokémon Masters EX App Description & Feature

The game had been really something, it involves the game players choosing what sort of character they want themselves to be added to the collection. The main thing about this app is that you will have to basically search for different types of pets or Pokémon’s so that you are able to save them first and choose them to do their work for you. The idea of the game is to create something practical and rather than to watch just television. This game allows you to battle one of the tribal members and then when you are done the first thing that you have to do is to make sure the ide card is correct.

This Pokémon game is also very famous amongst the gaming community and the reason for that is its gaming design, not only does this game basically have better graphics than its previous versions this game was also amongst the most downloaded ones on Google Play at A certain time. In this game, you are present on an island known as a patio, and you have to battle and recruit Several trainers that you find on that island.

Another prominent feature of this game that sets it apart from the previous Pokémon versions is because in this game you are able to fight and recruit several other trainers and once you recruit them within your group you will be able to utilize their abilities in battle and their trainers themselves can become the part of the battle of the Pokémon’s, all they have to do is use their healing or combat ability is during the fight. This makes the game much more interesting than its previous counterparts Were. Because when the trainers are also part of the fight between the Pokémon’s the game becomes instantly challenging and therefore addictive.


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